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  • Direct to Media PrintingDirect to Media Large Format Printing - Print your image directly to a material of your choice. Print directly to Perspex, aluminium, wood, glass, Dibond, Slate and more.
  • Professional Photographic PrintingProfessional photographic printing including C type prints, Giclee prints to black and white prints. Lambda prints, large format Lightjets and Duratrans.
  • Photographic Framing and MountingFull bespoke photographic framing options from classic wood frames, card, Fomaex, Perspex photo mounting to specially designed lightboxes.
  • Creative Retouch ServicesA talented team of London creative retouchers who combine expertise with creative advice for professional photographic services.
  • Photographic Film Processing & ScanningPhotographic film processing and scanning, offering a wide range of high quality photographic film lab services in London.
  • Student Photographic Printing & Processing Student services for photo printing, mounting and framing plus film lab services for end of year shows and exhibitions.

C Type papers

Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

Fuji Crystal Archive paper uses optimised Silver Halide Crystals for laser exposure. Producing excellent photographic prints from laser printers, as well as other digital exposure systems and conventional photographic printers, this paper is considered to be the industry standard for fine art printing, offering vivid colour reproduction ranging from subtle shades of green, to vivid blues and reds. The paper exhibits high image stability during long-term dark storage and excellent light storage stability.

Read more about this paper on Fuji's website.

Kodak Professional Ultra Endura Premier Paper

An all-round winner for colour printing from scanned film and digital files. Endura is a resin coated paper and gives us extraordinarily rich colours with great flesh tones, as well as the most intense blacks. It has top-notch archival quality and Kodak state print longevity is up to 100 years in typical home display and 200 years in dark storage.

Read more about this paper on Kodak’s website.

Fujiflex Crystal Archive Paper or 'Supergloss'.

Fujiflex is a reflective silver halide colour printing paper on a super high gloss PET base for professional use at the highest level, designed exclusively for digital output on large-format laser printers, such as our Lightjet or optimum high quality images.

Because of its PET (Polyester) base, the prints produced are  smooth with a sharp, transparent super-gloss finish., making it idea for high-end exhibitions and large format prints for maximum impact. Read more about this paper on Fuji's website.

Fuji Crystal Pearl Archive paper

Incandescent beads in the emulsion of this resin-coated photo printing paper give pro-quality gloss prints with a shimmering pearl like base. Pearl prints are made from your digital data and we’d recommend the material for both colour and B&W work.

Marking a new era in the printing of high image and glossy digital photos, Pearl paper boasts unrivalled colour and highlight definition, offering sharper images and more accurate and vibrant colour reproduction. Pearl like crystals give these silver halide colour prints a specific lustre.

Pearl paper boasts a wide tonal range with a rich textural quality, and offers amazingly accurate colour reproduction. It has also been designed to suppress colour paper fogging, ensuring that whites remain pure in unexposed areas.

Read more about this paper on Fuji's website.

Fujicolour Crystal Archive Professional Velvet paper (pure matt)

If you want a pure matt print on a true photographic C Type paper, then Fuji's new 'velvet' is for you. This paper has a wonderfully creamy texture, which is perfect for both black and white and colour images. Ideal for photographers who want a non-reflective print that can be mounted, sealed and framed, with long lasting durability.

It's a silver halide colour paper, specially designed to produce fine art prints. It has a unique smooth deep-matte surface design. The Velvet surface includes a fingerprint protection layer which makes the handling of the produced fine art images much easier. A particular characteristic of the surface of Velvet paper is the way it can diffuse light remarkably well even under high lighting conditions so that the light reflection is kept to the bare minimum. It shares the same features as Crystal Archive DP-II with pure whiteness, long term image stability and accurate colour reproduction

Kodak Professional Endura Premier Metallic Paper

This paper has a distinctive glossy finish and metallic appearance that works well with both colour and black and white images, by providing a visually different aspect to your work.

Kodak's Metallic papers provide a large colour gamut, with innovative cyan dispersion, whilst maintaining clean whites and rich blacks with constant and natural skin tones. In addition to this, black and white images have a dramatic impact and excellent contrast.

Read more about this paper on Kodak's website.

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