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Giulia Cacciuttolo: Made in Arts London/ Metro Mentorship Winner 2016

21 March 2016
Continuing our series of interviews with Metro Imaging mentorship winner we talked to Giulia Cacciuttolo,  the recent winner of the first ever Made in Arts London (MiAL)/ Metro Imaging Mentorship.

1. Firstly many congratulations on being awarded the very first MiAL/Metro Mentorshipp.  Unusually for a winner you are still in your final year of study, how do you hope the mentorship will enhance not only your graduation work but ultimately your work in general?
I am really thankful for this opportunity and I am really proud of where I am today. I think that this mentorship will be great, both for my career and for the development of my work; to be mentored, to have the chance to exhibit with MiAL as well as an artist page on their website, to have the chance to work with a curator and to have the huge technical support from Metro Imaging… these are all great and unique opportunities.
The first steps into the art world are never easy, to find someone that believes in you and that is able to see your future potential.

2. You are currently studying an MA in Painting but use many different media in your work including photography and printing.  Can you explain a little about what inspires you to combine all these different art forms in your work?
The practical experimentation and processes have always been a fundamental part of my work.  I’m really engaged by the relationship that can arise between the materiality of a work and the viewer.  The research on the materials is something that runs along my theoretical research: these two aspects of my work balance themselves.

3. Metro’s experience and expert services encompass many aspects of photography production, is there any one area you are particularly interested in learning more about?
I have always been a really curious person, above all about the experimentation with new materials or techniques. With the knowledge and the awareness of the – technical, in this case - possibilities that we have, come the freedom to create and a more conscious work. So, I am really excited about all the new technical skills and possibilities that I will gain from this collaboration with Metro Imaging.

4. Your current work and the project you submitted to the MiAL/Metro awards focuses on general concepts of time and space connected with memory. Could you explain a little more about the concept and inspiration for this project?
The area that always attracted me was about the passing of time and our relationship with it. Memory and recollection are two main ways that we have to relate and deal with it.

Moreover, our relationship with time shapes also our relationship with mental and real space.  I am interested in creating works that will create a relation and an experience for the viewer… that have the punctum, as Barthes said.

5. Could you give us a little information about your artistic background and what led you to a career in the arts?  
I can’t remember a moment in my life in which I was not, in one way or another, doing this. To create something was my instinctive and long-life answer to an inner impulse - I cannot escape from it.

After high school I had to decide which path to follow. My first choice would have been a career in the arts but my professors and others suggested that would not lead anywhere. I listened to them and got accepted in a prestigious university, studying Economy & Management.

A year of success on an academic level left me feeling terrible on a personal level and through a friend who was studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome I realised that that was where I wanted to be. I applied and fortunately was accepted and started my BA in Painting.  Fundamental changes occurred through my Erasmus experience in Paris and a lucky meeting with Lawrence Carroll, a great artist and one of the best people that I have ever met in my life; I had the chance to work for him as a studio assistant for some months.

So… here I am now. I will never regret that first year at the University. I am sure that it gave me a confidence in what I am doing that I couldn’t have in other ways.
It is not an easy way at all but when I wake up in the morning, when I am in my studio mixing concrete or melting wax I feel the luckiest person on earth… I am doing the best thing for me in the world and, speaking freely, I don’t think that I could do anything else in my life.

6. Do you have any interesting current projects or upcoming exhibitions you’d like to share with us?
I have a lot of exciting upcoming projects! I will be exhibiting in the Intersection exhibition with MiAL at Hoxton Arches from April 28th to May 2nd; and have my interim show at the Lewisham Arthouse 13th - 23rd April.
Moreover, I am having a really productive collaboration with an artist and colleague, Sebastião Castelo Lopes– we will be showing a joint exhibition later this spring at the Chelsea School of Arts Gallery.

7. What are your ultimate career goals?
My main aim at the moment is to be able to continue to do what I’m doing, to have the wherewithal to support myself as an artist.  I am open to any kind of opportunity; I would love to have more experiences – residencies, exhibitions and so on –then apply for a PhD to continue to develop my artistic research.
For more information about Giulia Cacciuttolo
For information about the Intersection Exhibition

Intersection Exhibition
Hoxton Arches, Arch 402 Cremer Street, London E2 8HD

Exhibition Dates
:  28th April –  2nd May 2016
Private View:  27th April 6:00 - 10:00pm

Opening Times:

Thursday – Saturday: 11:00am - 8:00pm
Sunday – Monday: 10:00am - 5:00pm

Admission to the exhibition is free

Joint exhibition with Sebastião Castelo Lopes
“You were in luck - there was a forest”
Chelsea College of Art
16 John Islip Street

Exhibition Dates: 18th to 26th May 2016

Images © Giulia Cacciuttolo

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